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Offer for the professionals.
Photo Model Agency �Portfolio� works with professional models as well as with beginners. We are constantly searching for new faces to select the best of the best. Our agency maintains close contact with different specialists in advertising, famous photographers, different magazines, fashionable clothes designers, stylists, visagists and other professionals in Latvia as well as abroad.
We invite you to subscribe to a free photo session!
Joining Photo Model Agency �Portfolio�, you will get a real chance in your career growth. We will help you to make the first step into the world of advertising, art, fashion and will make free photo session for you, as well as will place your portfolio on our web site. Professionals, who are searching for new faces and are constantly reviewing our new offers, can choose exactly you! Then you will receive an invitation to the photo session in studio or to some other specific work. more>>>


The whole world of advertising and fashion is searching for new models for the different projects. Our Photo Model Agency �Portfolio� will be widely searching for new faces, which will be offered to you for the futher work. Our difference is that, first of all, we will offer you so called �clean� faces, which were not liable to work of photographers, stylists and visagists. Having looked at them, you will be able to determine by yourself how these models will look like during the photo session in your studio.
Constantly look through our web site, and sooner or later, you will definetely like someone for your projects!

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Furniture salon �Lex Interior�,Krasta 89 - 30, Riga, Latvia
Cell phone :
+ 371 29503080

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